Sheri Miller "I Could Love You Still" Music Video Premiere Show


Thursday, February 21 · Doors 7:00PM / Show 8:00PM

Sheri Miller was born in Long Island, New York, in an extremely musical and creative home. Her mother was an opera singer and classical pianist, while her uncle was a recording engineer and musician. Sheri began taking classical piano lessons at age seven, but even then rebelled by composing her own original songs, rather than practicing her classical pieces. She began teaching herself guitar and piano, composing dozens of songs by age ten, and singing along with Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Billie Holiday, The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

While Sheri was singing in local Philly blues bands, writing songs secretly in her bedroom, and getting a degree in English and Poetry at U Penn, an incredible coincidence happened to Sheri. She began dreaming of a Casio Keyboard over many months, to help her write songs in her bedroom, instead of walking 20 minutes downtown to the jazz piano practice room. One dreamy Sunday morning, after an especially vivid keyboard dream, Sheri took an alternate scenic path to the library, instead of her usual straight path. She passed a 1-day church sale. To her amazement, she saw and bought the exact same buzzing Casio keyboard she had dreamt of the night before, for $20. This “gentle” push and “tiny miracle” naturally opened and gently nudged Sheri to composing songs on her new keyboard everyday, awakening her artistry. She says “Since then I believe coincidences are just visible lines in our destiny.”

Sheri further polished her artistry and songwriting voice in New York. During the evenings, Sheri was hard at work, paying her musical dues, working incessantly as a solo musician in the big city; fearlessly singing her heart out, banging on her electric sunburst 1969 Guild guitar. She played 4-hour covers gigs in bars and hotels, sometimes 5 nights a week. In the daytime, Sheri played keyboards and sang in a rock band for babies, as a music teacher. In between these hours, when not working hard to pay her rent as a musician, Sheri passionately wrote pages of lyrics and poetry on guitar and piano, dozens of songs. 

Upon releasing her critically-acclaimed debut EP “Mantra,” Sheri was named one of Music Connection’s “Hot 100 Unsigned Artists,” and was played on radio stations KCRW, WXPN, KEAO, WAXQ among others. “Mantra” featured 2 underground hits, “Right Here, Right Now”, and “All He Has To Do”, that Sheri began selling sheet music for, as brides requested it to be covered at their wedding ceremonies. Sheri was then asked to join a 4-part vocal harmony group in Nashville, The Delilahs, which soon signed to Sony Music. Sheri began co-writing with legendary songwriters and artists J.D. Souther (The Eagles), Al Anderson (NRBQ), Jill Sobule, Shawn Mullins, Marcus Hummon, Tony Scalzo (Fastball) and Kim Richey, as well as other Grammy-Award winning songwriters. 

Upon leaving the group, Sheri soon released her critically-acclaimed EP “Winning Hand,” produced, mixed and engineered by Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel), that featured musicians Will Lee on bass, Charley Drayton on drums and Gerry Leonard on guitars.

On the dovetail of "Winning Hand" Sheri was given another wonderful opportunity. She recorded a new song, “ I Could Love You Still”, produced by Will Lee. It featured Steve Cropper on electric guitar, Paul Shaffer on B3 organ, (playing James Brown's organ), Will on bass, Shawn Pelton on drums, Tabitha Fair and Will on harmonies, and was mixed by Frank Filipetti. Sheri released this highly anticipated song in 2012, and will be releasing the “I Could Love You Still” music video in 2013. Sheri has more new songs she’s excited to record soon, and will be featured as a guest on PBS show, “One On One With Steve Adubato,” airing in 2013.

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